Thursday, November 29, 2018

With Nothing But Now! Some Thursday Thought!

 What fires your get-up-and-go-motor in the morning?

I love you, precious person
Still near enough to kiss
Lord, keep my eyes-arms-heart wide open
To what I'd hate to miss!


 Who-wherever you are
In Whatever WHAT-IS grants 
remember today is a rare
once-in-a-lifetime dance!


a full time job, this How
to handle joy and strife
where what we make of here and now
Is what becomes a life 


how holy is each hour, love
that draws us near the part
where legacy of life will prove
the lordship of the heart


Be careful if you think
that time is on your side
its very elemental wink
Holds eternity's door wide

Thus, while Now grants God's grace
we, with Faith's utmost care 
Should, while Time lends its breath of days
For death's big place prepare


Keep your chin up, 
darling lover of flowers
Laugh where time's cup 
runneth over with hours
For soon with svelte 
silver stars sparkle-spun
Winter will melt 
in warm puddles of sun


Make Certain the course toward life's final goal
where day-to-day diamonds are strung
where hallowed workouts will not save your soul
Or keep you forever young
So take a good look in the mirror, my dear
so as not to be tricked by surprise
If the god that you serve grows more wrinkled each year
You have the wrong god in your eyes
Workouts and days have this in common; they require only one move at a time
...not the whole she-bang at once!
Doesn't that give you a right-foot-left-foot bounce?!

Leave What Was where it rests
Learn to let go somehow
Enough, enough, the Stuff that tests
The ever-present Now

Look; love pours gold-blush-blue
Through heaven’s vaulted heights
Where Old is overcome with New
On which to set our sights

The ghost of days gone by
Can never touch the place
Where Mercy rends the roof of sky
With unmerited grace

Come then, for soon today
Is overcome with stars
And all its moments sealed away
In dust-collected jars

So, leave what was behind
Lest in its vain employ
We miss the perfect time to find
Love’s ever-present joy

© Janet Martin

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