Wednesday, November 14, 2018


PAD Challenge 14; For today’s prompt, write a hungry poem. 

Impossible to satisfy the wish and whim of you
A catch-your-breath soliloquy of season’s flight, the flue
Fused to a furnace deep within where poet’s hunger burns
The fire of desire fueled by Time’s No Returns

Impossible to satisfy the want and need of you
Where what is penned is not the end but the threshold of New
Where every hour kindles from the embers of its flare
Fresh flame that leaps toward a storehouse heaped upon the air

Impossible to satisfy the ways and means of you
To write is but to soothe the wounds where brooding whispers woo
And wonder runs its thunder through the belly of a sigh
To trigger the awareness of a poem slipping by

Impossible to satisfy the urge and angst of you
No Magnum Opus stills the tempest sparked by twilight blue
Where earth's extravagant buffet is spread 'neath star-glossed height
To tease and please the poet’s insatiable appetite

© Janet Martin

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