Friday, November 30, 2018

One More November Poem...

This is the one time of year when hubby is RIDICULOUSLY optimistic!
"only 21 more days til they start getting longer again" he exulted tonight on the phone!
(for new readers, hubby is a truck-driver and gone most of the time)
Late mornings and early twilight make for a lot more driving in the dark so I don't blame him for being glad but I love November's sparsely-clad countrysides, sere sweeps  
and supper-hour's navy-brusque dusk!

This poem is a good-bye to Sweet November...

Who takes you by your brooding sigh
To usher you across the field
And through the line where earth and sky
No day-gone-by hath yet repealed?

Who, duty-sound and honor-bound
Must undertake the tender due
Of severing the ties that crowned
The countryside with brooding blue

Who draws ajar the star-hinged sphere
Who bestows your final good-byes
Who blows a kiss, who sheds a tear
Before midnight tolls your demise

© Janet Martin

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