Tuesday, November 27, 2018

On Keeping the Courage (for moms)

This applies to dads as well, but because I'm a mom it is written from a mother's vantage-point...
 ...because motherhood is not for the faint of heart!
Her heart fits inside suitcases packed full of clothes and dreams,
it flutters in good-bye waves, 
it is the sparkle in a tear. 
Her heart is shaped into a prayer.

Dear mothers, we would buckle beneath the weight of love
But for daily replenishment from Someone above
Who Fathers the mother who braves unlearned ways
To give to her family the best of her days

Dear mothers, how could we bear the heart-string’s pull
It seems we can never prepare for in full
But for the Father who helps mother-wife
To give to her family the rest of her life

Dear mothers, our mothers have borne this love too
And needed the Father to carry them through
And grant her the strength to give, in joy or strife
The best of her days for the rest of her life

© Janet Martin

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  1. Oh yes lovely and I often wonder about my own mother and the traditions she set and her wisdom even now when my own are grown- I wish I could ask her more!


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