Tuesday, November 27, 2018

Of Who We Are or Who Are We

 Sometimes when Hubby thinks I'm a little 'set in my ways' he'll shake his head and say,
'They may think they buried your Grandpa F. but they sure didn't bury all of him!'
...and what reply follows, I leave to your imagination😁

 I'm working at getting some summer-fav-photos developed;
My, what an echo world a photo can hold!

Equipped with faith and hope and trust, we combat dread and fear
Knowing that without warning well-laid plans can run awry
But oh, in Whom we place our faith and hope and trust, my dear
Makes all the difference in this world of startling my-oh-my

Time’s tray serves up with touch and taste far more than memories
From hues of Influence and Circumstance’s deft finesse
We become Who We Are and Who We Are, with subtle ease
Becomes part of another person’s strength or brokenness

And this, all hinged upon whereon we fix our faith-hope-trust
Aware that soon Farewell will claim this frame of why-and-how
Aware that soon the grave will snare life’s scaffolding of dust
Aware that Who We Are impacts far more than Here-and-Now

…where faith-hope-trust in He who sees beyond our live-laugh-love
Fills Who We Are with peace where ups and downs of life unwind
The essence of His presence or the hollow lack thereof
As Who We Are begins to shape the lives we leave behind

© Janet Martin

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