Wednesday, November 14, 2018

Of Homemade Soup and Biscuits

I have NO idea what to make for supper tonight, I said to Victoria at 4:30
 (because I forgot to take out the chicken last night, to thaw.)
"Soup would be good" said Victoria
Yes! The perfect way to use up one of my five heads of cauliflower I bought on sale😀😋

Cauliflower Soup and Cheese Tea Biscuits...
Simple Satisfying Supper! Yum!

Let's celebrate our hunger where November's early eve
Has drawn a starry blanket 'cross the miles we brave yet grieve
Let's celebrate the brooding backdrop with a slice of cake
Or homemade soup and biscuits like our mothers used to make

Let's count our many blessings; pray the Lord to bless our meal
And not get tangled in the gossamer of 'how we feel'
Since summer has forsook us and the dark is like a glove
Filled with the muffled music of those days and years we love 

Let's linger longer at the table now; no need to rush
The outdoors are asleep beneath the minimalist's brush
Let's celebrate our hunger with a cup of tea and cake
Or homemade soup and biscuits like our mothers used to make

Janet Martin~  

Day 14 PAD Chapbook Prompt: write a hunger poem


  1. Soup and November- so perfect! And your poem too.

    1. I love all things does my daughter and we're a teeny bit disappointed to see Old Man Winter tromp over the brooding landscape so soon! at least there's soup!


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