Thursday, November 8, 2018

November Dusk Nocturne

 It's been a dark November so and news-wise!
So many senseless shootings! So much Sorrow!

Sight slips from windows where early dark seeps
Through scraggly branches devoid of their tune
Earth is a stage where its celloist sleeps
Gone is the crooner of sunny high noon
Farewell feels firmer beneath the dark moon

Destiny hovers beyond the black veil
Felling the vistas we know but now guess
Hush-a-bye, clover and wild-lupine grail
Pouring impressions upon thought’s caress  
Like hills that ache in naked loneliness

Smiles can grow brittle with too little sun
Whiles can seem longer after gathered sheaf
Darling, a doggerel leaps where a gun
Severs a life from the limb like a leaf
Leaving the mean-whiles of Love rocked with grief

Sometimes seduction maneuvers the mind
Making us willing to yield to the Taunt
Better to think twice; not leap hunger-blind
Into the arms of impetuous Want
Consequence writes with a resolute font

Sight slips from windows where dusk’s early dark
Seeps through stark branches in gossamer flow
Somehow the music-man has lost his spark
Gone is the lullaby of leaf and bough
All that remains is a whisper of snow

© Janet Martin


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