Wednesday, November 28, 2018

Not-Talkin'-'bout-Gettin'-Old Mood

PAD Challenge day 28: For today’s prompt, write a mood poem. Your poem could set the mood. Or it could be about a mood. Maybe display someone in a mood, whether that’s mad, sad, happy, or some other mood.

Gray broods above woodland and field
That showcased green and gold
It moans in undertones that wield
The ways and means of days that yield
To Bygone’s boundless hold
The bare bones of the tree revealed
Where leaf had spun a winsome shield
Before the cold,
The bitter cold

No bare feet dance across the yard
No bloom breaks budded cage
Time hangs a sentimental card
Above earth’s jilted boulevard
Gilded with silvered sage
To taunt the tempo-stricken bard
With rhythms dashed, now soft, now hard
Against a page
A begging page

A solemn reverence consumes
Thought’s once-quite-carefree cast
Where tender turbulence of blooms
Of perfumed pink and purple plumes
Of green-leaf’s lowered mast
Melts poetry across the tombs
Of summer’s silenced living-rooms
Pressed to the past
Sweet, soulful past

The wind wails like a wand’ring waif
Or loneliest of men
A wonder-world of echoes chafes
Where no stout heart is spared or safe
From winter’s wilding yen
Or battering of snow-starred strafe
Where none can rend the binding raphe
Twixt now and then
Fixed now and then

Love longs for something out of range
It throbs for more than ‘us’
Caught between all nothing can change
Where fall is bound to rearrange
The walls and halls abuzz
With whispers that seduce-estrange
Always on missions to exchange
‘This is’ to was
What is to was

© Janet Martin

 One of the moodiest, saddest songs I've heard!


  1. I posted over on poetic asides b/c I managed to actually write a poem on the day of the prompt - this is pretty as a song

    1. Can't wait to read it! Got the rhyme scheme for this one from An Autumn leaves poem by Robert Burns.


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