Monday, November 12, 2018

Moment-ous Alliance

Because this precious element
That drips in pillaged plume
That falls beneath the shadow-tent
Of what none can exhume
That grants but once to everyone
Without re-run, each day
That tunes its tide of rain and sun
With what no one can sway
Or hoard, or take the credit for
Or curb, extend or mime
But is a gift; none should ignore
This element called Time

…because what-is fills what-has-been
And no one can re-do
But grace and mercy intervene
With morning, always new
To brace Time’s coffers, full of change
With thorough confidence
That all that none can rearrange
Does not estrange the Thence
Where recompense and Charge ally
Where we with grit and grin
Should take the Time to satisfy
The moment we are in

© Janet Martin

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