Tuesday, November 27, 2018

Hope's Upraised/Appraised Cup

Low blows and highlights
And show-downs and ups
Run in dawn-twilight
Through hope’s upraised cups

Soulmates and seasons
Succor and surprise
Tug-of heart reasons
With want’s sacred sighs

Darling, the hour
That hangs on the air
Unfolds like a flower
Of whispers and prayer

Take it or leave it
Or love it or not
Hail it or grieve it
Time is all we’ve got

Time to be tender
And humble and true
Time for the splendor
Of each ‘I love you’

Who knows... tomorrow
 Might tip lofty spheres
Of joy turned to sorrow
And laughter to tears 

Of echoes are we
One day full-color
The next...history

...where low-blows and highlights
And showdowns and ups
Flow from dawn-twilight
Through Hope's appraised cup

© Janet Martin

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