Wednesday, November 7, 2018

...and Then There is This

Today had some wild-tantrum Is-moments,
I was tempted to s-wish over that thin-air-precipice before they turned to Was,
but they passed and now very messy-house sigh-lence prevails!
(p.s. Funny story. My sister saw this shortly after it was posted so she phoned me😁😂 to break the silence and see what I'd say, among other reasons) Sisters are The Best!

…and then There is Is
Slipping over a precipice
Vaulted on thin air
Drawing the shutters
Of blue to black velvet
Over our wide-eyed stare

And then there is Was
The What that we handled
Felled by dusk’s darkening bars
Snuffing the candle
That hung from the heavens
Blowing the night full of stars

…and then there is Will Be
Waiting to wow us
With what nobody has seen
Turning the sparkle of Is
Into blue-purple-y
Echoes of What Has Been

© Janet Martin

Sound of Silence ...

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