Sunday, July 1, 2012

Rest Well, my Love

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Rest well, my love
All those dreams we’re dreaming of
And all those fears we fear
All the hopes we’re hoping for
Will simply wait, my dear

…or, while you rest perhaps our dreams
Will unfold like a flower
Our harbored fear might disappear
As Hope affirms its Power

© Janet Martin

Poetic Bloomings Prompt; 'get some rest' was too timely to ignore...hubby is in hospital recovering from ruptured appendix!


  1. Oh Janet, this is so beautiful, so full of love. I saw it earlier but didn't have time to respond then. However, I did have time to pray for your husband's recovery. Let me know how he is doing?


  2. Emma, your kind words are so touching. He is comfortable and hopes to be home mid-week. Thank-you so much for the prayers!
    God bless, my friend:))

  3. Hello Janet... SO sorry for being away for so long! Prayers coming your way, glad to hear your husband is healing and comfortable. We are staying comfortable for the most part, despite being out of power since Friday evening. July 8th is when we might get it back... grateful for a generator loaned by a friend of my husband. I'll try to do a better job of staying in touch!!

  4. Oh Megan, out of power???!!! Oh, hang in there! I hear it is sweltering where you are!!!

    Jim is doing okay. Can't wait until he's home. Sitting in a chair in a hospital all day is SO draining...lying in a hospital bed is worse;))He might be home mid-week. I just picked the peas tonight cause the garden isn't waiting:) I hope he can start eating tomorrow...then they can talk about him coming home.

    I feel the prayers and deeply appreciate them, but I will admit that I have battled the blues a is hot and gorgeous here. Now my heart and prayers really goes out to all the people who have loved ones with lengthy illnesses. Dear God, sustain them day by day!

  5. Janet, your words bring such comfort. I pray that Jim is doing well. What a week it has been for you all, I am sure...See you soon and keep imparting those beautiful reflections of life with your words.

  6. Thank-you Glynis. I hope to see you Friday night, but no promises at this point:) I'll be in touch...and thank-you for the words of encouragement. They mean a lot. You of all people know how 'lonely' writing can be.


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