Monday, July 30, 2012

Where the Crater's of the Heart Run Deep

Where the craters of the heart run jagged and deep
I tuck a leaf, a petal to keep
A head of wheat, a ray of sun
July, why do you leave when you’ve scarcely begun?

Queen Ann’s Lace, midnight-cricket’s song
I know it will not be very long
Until they are swallowed by the hour’s hungry lips
Or plucked by Time’s scrupulous fingertips

Where the craters of the heart run blood-deep
I seal the echo of the willow-sweep
Or the soft brush of your warmth on my ear
As you whisper good-bye and disappear

Take me to the ball-room of wide open sky
Hold me for one final dance, sweet July
Then I will release you forever to keep
Fragments of you where the heart’s craters run deep


I stared at the date this morning…mildly shocked. I have not been paying much attention to the numbers on the calendar! July…where did you go and how? Oh yes, now I know, you slipped away on the breeze that blows over golden oceans of rippling wheat, over sun-sparkled waters and clover-sweet. You slithered through shaded willow-bower and dangled from the sultry high-noon hour…You faded a little with every petal that fell…Oh beautiful, beautiful July,  farewell!


  1. Lovely. Again great power of expression. Wistful and yearning , here. I admire your weave and thought!

    Reading more. Love and happiness!!!

  2. `swallowed by the hours hungry lips' - such beautiful poetry, Janet. This particular July poem has really touched me.


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