Monday, July 16, 2012

Kind Keeper of the Humble...

To Thee I cling
My Lord and King
Accept my frail devotion
Thou, Being of
Perfected love
Who rules the heaving ocean
Who probes the earth and stirs the seed
Who orchestrates each hour
Four season worth of toil and need
We plant, we till, we gather
And should the howling tempest seethe
And should my bulwark crumble
Still Thou art near, above, beneath
Kind Keeper of the humble
To Thee I cling
My Lord and King
My Hope and my Salvation
Thou Being of
Perfected love
And Ruler of creation

© Janet Martin


  1. Janet, this should be put to music. It has the feeling of a hymn.

  2. Thank-you Violet. I did hear music in my head as I wrote it and I am a lover of hymns. I would LOVE to see it become a song!
    I just finished looking up and listening to a hymn I have not heard since I was a child and lo and behold it is here! The hymn is Must I Go and Empty-handed by Charles C. Luther...I memorized the words way back when because they are so moving!


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