Monday, July 23, 2012

Watching the Rain

It settles more than dust as we watch it fall
It soothes farmer's thoughts  for a little while
It stills anxious hearts in its tumbled descent
Soothing the restless gardener’s lament
…as it spills over eaves
Rolls from cupped leaves
Trickles and tickles sparse drought-stricken sheaves

See how it pools in each hollow and shallow
See how it cools eager sparrow and swallow
Mystical mirrors scattered on the terrain
Of sidewalk and pasture and long country lane
…as it splatters and spills
As it chatters and thrills
Earth’s stricken meadows; its woodland and hills

Life-giving free-fall from mercy’s embrace
Silver-stringed sonnet of goodness and grace
Nectar of heaven, as God wills and when
Filling parched throats of both fallow and men
…as it waters the corn
And washes the morn
Hope's wilted bloom is revived or reborn

© Janet Martin

This was inspired as I watched two birds refresh themselves in a puddle on the driveway.
It is still extremely dry but we are getting sudden brief showers and we are thankful for them.

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