Monday, July 2, 2012

Where True Love Shines...a re-post

I wrote this approx. a year ago and I want to re-post it as a thanks to all of those traveling 'second miles'.

I’ve heard love declared in words
And garnished with a smile
But I have seen it walk its talk
Within a second mile

True love needs no ruse or guise
It needs no pomp or style
And it will always prove itself
Within the second mile

Love is not a fancy hat
That we may don awhile
Nor does it wait until its asked
To walk the second mile

There is no facade in love
No pretense in its smile
And I have felt its purest touch
Within its second mile


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  1. Janet, this is a beautiful poem; and I do think the 'second mile' is important, and if one is fortunate a continuation and even a betterment of the 'first mile.' Love is a wonderful blessing.


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