Thursday, July 5, 2012

On Forgiveness...

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 Poetry Jam invites our thoughts on Forgiveness

In it there is no half-the-way
No self-indulgent rage
No dark and harbored bitterness
If love takes center-stage

In it I must fore-go revenge
And animosity
It shall be given me

If I choose to withhold love’s grace
Or refuse to forget
If I’m reluctant to erase
With love the debtor’s debt…

…then I in turn heap to myself
A hundred fold the guilt
If I withhold that which I seek
In Calvary’s pardon spilt  

© Janet Martin


  1. I loved this, Janet. It takes a loving spirit to be able to forgive; and if a person withholds that forgiveness from another, just who is the 'guilty' one? So much to take in in this poem.

  2. Beautiful, Janet, and you paced the rhythm and the rhyming perfectly. I love the quote up top.

  3. smiles...well ours contrast just a bit but i think we carry the same spirit....grace is a gift we give others...and ourselves...finely written...

  4. For now I will say "Thank You for this poem Janet"

  5. Good writing...dances on the tongue.

  6. I really like the image quote you chose and even more the poem, prayer, that you've written.

    Measure for measure for sure!

  7. I like the message in the second stanza. So true that we must let go of revenge and animosity. A very spiritual poem ...

  8. Mary, so true! If we are unable to forgive we surely are as guilty as they! Though true forgiveness can be a very emotional battle! But by God's grace forgive I...

    Thank-you Sherry, i fell in love with that quote too!

    Brian, I promise to check it out when life returns to ' new normal':)Thank-you for your thoughts!

    Beyond Horizon, I am're welcome:) Love and prayers. By God's grace we can!

    Kolembo, thank-you for your visit and your words!

    TUG, thank-you! Yes, it can be a real motivator to forgive if we know it is measure for measure!

    Loredana, what a pretty name! Thank-you so much for your thoughts!

  9. The kind of grace and forgiveness you write about can take a whole lot of faith, and yours comes shining through in this lovely poem. Thanks so much for sharing this!

  10. thought-provoking, Janet - there's a lot of things forgiveness isn't... and sometimes we think we've forgiven when we haven't... one thing for sure, it can't be entered lightly, for it to make a difference in our lives

  11. Very lovely thoughts on forgiveness ~ I believe in asking and giving it as well ~ It is a blessing and gift ~

  12. So much to think about in this wise piece. I do think all sides gain from forgiveness. Thank you for visiting my blog too.

  13. Grace and forgiveness are wonderful. But some actions need to still be accounted for. Perhaps I read to much into this, but there comes a time when "serial" forgiveness is not a good thing. I'm thinking of a cheating or abusive spouse, or a friend who lets us down one too many times.

    I'm not saying hold a grudge, but walking away is a good thing sometimes...

  14. Mary, I appreciate your thoughts...yes, this kind of forgiveness does take a lot of faith and prayer...not easy but required even for ourselves, sometimes the hardest to forgive!

    turtlememoir...I definitely agree with is shocking sometimes to realize what we retain until provoked! are right; it is a blessing and a gift we give and receive! Much wisdom in your thoughts.

    Peggy, so true! There is much to gain when we forgive and much to lose if we do not!

    Margaret, I believe in accounting and in serial forgiveness because I think that is the lesson Jesus was teaching in His seventy times seven instruction to forgive. However, I do not believe in being a doormat...forgiveness is something that follows repentance. If a person insists on repeating hurtful actions I believe we need to hold them accountable lovingly...not with an unforgiving attitude but one of love. Sometimes we forgive as a gift of freedom to ourselves! Thank-you for your thoughts. I really appreciate the insight you added.

  15. Yes, I agree. But there are those who are forgiven and think that means "no justice". :)

  16. that would be a great 'next topic'! Thank-you for your thoughts has my wheels spinning!


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