Sunday, July 15, 2012

Of Phantom Glass

The fabric of midnight melts away
How subtle its blanket slips
The silk-smooth edge of another day
Spills from Time’s tempestuous lips
The deepened shroud above the cloud
Pales from its onyx hue
Grace lights dawn’s wick, a candlestick
Of periwinkle-blue
And I love you…

The phantom glass through which smiles pass
And sundry tears and fears
Will not recast the ocean vast
Of moments shaping years
We touch our feet to mystery
To tread its tide anew
Folding what is to history
‘I did’ claims our ‘I do’
…and our ‘I love you’

The tick of clocks and unhinged locks
Cannot refund one hour
The backdrop of longing and love
Courses from vaulted bower
I dare not waste the touch, the taste
Of moments trickling through
Mercy’s embrace of wondrous grace
From heaven's avenue
For I love you…
If there is never
Anything more I do
It will be a life well lived
Because I love you


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