Friday, July 13, 2012

Shadow-Tango...a Skeltonic Poem

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Poetic Blooming Challenge; Skeltonic Poem

 Skeltonic verse is named after the poet John Skelton (1460-1529).   It consists of short rhyming lines that just sort of flow on from one rhyme to the next for however long one chooses.  Skeltonic verse generally averages less than six words per line.  The challenge is to keep short rhymes moving down the page, in an energetic and engaging way.

It is no small thing
When our pulses sing
As we absorb the thing
That thrills our souls
Filling us completely
And ever so sweetly
Fitting quite neatly
Into life’s little holes
For pleasure as this
Is a rare sort of bliss
A soft, sudden kiss
As it leaps from its place
Rousing desire
And fanning a fire
Its passion leaps higher
As its lines we trace
For the movement of quill
As it curves to the will
And the want of the thrill
Is an intimate dance
A tango of blood
A heart and mind flood
Oft misunderstood
By the hurrying crowd
But oh, ecstasy
When it’s just you and me
The poet; the poetry
I smile out loud

© Janet Martin

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