Saturday, July 21, 2012

Universal Want

Some say they simply cannot tell
The words to spell their wants
From voids within they claw the air
While desperate yearning taunts
And while they scan the mindless sea
Or search the stars above
The hunger in their bosom weeps
For this; we all want love

A hand to hold at eventide
Whilst sunset splendor bleeds
A soul-mate in which to confide
Our tender ‘wants, and needs
There is no man too rich or poor
Or unworthy enough
To be fulfilled without its pow’r
…oh, we all need love

The new-born babe, the little child
The adolescent; youth
Young woman, man, we all desire
The essence of this truth
In middle age or silver-crowned
To ‘be’ is not enough
We are not soulless reeds windblown
Therefore, we all need love

Oh love, essential mystery
Its well-spring not of men
Intangible, this entity
A spurring to the end
Of gold and blood-stained filament
Creator-breathed to us
An innate ‘want’ with which we’re born
Oh, we all need love

© Janet Martin

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