Sunday, July 8, 2012

A Mother's Uncertainties

 Poetic Bloomings Prompt: Uncertainties

Over the years
I am certain you’ve heard me
Easing my fears
In last minute reminders...

“Use your manners now
Don’t talk with your mouth full
Be gentle, be kind and be careful
Respect your teachers
And your classmates too
When someone offers you a ride
Please say thank-you
Let others go first
Don’t push and shove
Say excuse me when you want someone to move
Walk, don’t run in church or school halls
Don’t spend money carelessly
If you go to the mall
Don’t drive too fast
Give the teacher that note
The permission slips
And the thank-you I wrote
Don’t waste your food
Do what is good
Someone is watching when you think you're alone
So do as you know you should
Mind your ‘pleases’
And your ‘thank-yous’
It’s okay to say no
When it’s the wrong you refuse
Play the game fairly
Obey the Golden Rule
Drugs are poison
And they are not cool
Oh, and don’t drive too fast
Did I already say that?
Be careful…oh,
I’ve said that too
Many, many times, it’s true
Yes, I’m certain you’ve heard me
Over and over
But I am still quite uncertain
As to what you remember…

© Janet Martin


  1. They'll remember more than you think they'll remember!

  2. Ohh I know the feeling!!! then again I'm still learning too.

  3. Mary, I'm sure they do...yikes:)

    Lucy, me too:)


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