Monday, July 16, 2012

The Seemingly Impossible

It would be easy to be buried
By the mountains which loom about
The mountains of dirty laundry
Of longing, of fear, of doubt
There are mountains of work and worry
Of bills needing to be paid
Of broken, waiting for repair
Or healing; there are mountains we’ve made…

But then, suddenly I remember
The words Jesus spoke tenderly
‘If we have faith, as a mustard seed
Mountains can be moved to the sea’
So I cling to that grand Invisible
I cannot touch or feel
And by it the seemingly impossible
Becomes conceivably real

© Janet Martin


  1. Yes, well said... cling to that my dear.

  2. I have to admit the addition of laundry gave me a grin. I have 4 kids and I do know that buried by "mountains of dirty laundry" feeling!

  3. Thank-you Lucy...every day!

    PL, We have four kids too!...and the initial inspiration came from my laundry MOUNTAIN, then I got to thinking , we have a lot of mountains in our lives but with faith, even a teeny bit of authentic faith we can overcome the impossible! It's His promise to us and that is enough to keep plugging along.

    Thank-you gals, for your visit and your words!

  4. this is so inspiring, lovely little write Janet. :) x


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