Tuesday, July 17, 2012

His Tender Blessings...a prayer

Lord, let Thy present blessing
Slip from us, not soon forgot
By the craving of a wind-song
In the gasp of what is not

Lord, teach us true contentment
Not by things we hold or see
But to know each tender blessing
Is a gracious gift from Thee

Lord, on my face I fall to plea
For victims of despair
And little children who must flee
From those who ought to care

Lord, open up our eyes to see
Not objects of vain greed
But humbly teach us how to be
Servant to creature need

Lord, let Thy tender blessings
Never be misunderstood
As offerings of entitlement
We all are flesh and blood

…and none of us is greater
Or lesser;  all are dust
Teach us how to love each other
Sharing what you loan to us

And let Thy tender blessing
Slip from us not soon forgot
By the craving of a wind-song
In the gasp of what is not

© Janet Martin

Michael Bull Roberts attended our worship services on Sunday morning
and then spoke to some of the youth for the afternoon, sharing his story. I am reading his book...words fail me as I read his story! He told them that he did not include the most ghastly details of his life in this book!


  1. I'd love to read when you're finished.

  2. What? Janet, Michael is a friend of mine (through the Word Guild and facebook.) I have invited him to come to Drayton so he is coming to speak to the community and youth groups on September 30th. Where did you hear him speak? May I send this poem/blog post to him? He is an amazing fellow and his life is a testimony to the power of Christ. Did you know he is in the process of completing a documentary? It comes out in December.

  3. Glynis, are you serious? I just may come to hear him when he is here. A few of the youth went to visit him and ask if he would come and he did, very willingly and as soon as he could! It is a truly, TRULY amazing testimony to say the least and he certainly still needs our prayers! I would love if you would share this with him. I think Emily told me about his documentary. It will be incredible.


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