Monday, July 9, 2012

The Allotment of Bliss

Housewives…some see it as an allotment for the ignorant
And they spurn its humble sound
Spring to fall, months, then soon another year has spun around
Of scrubbing floors, tidying drawers, of laundry’s ceaseless chore
An eternity of subtracting hours, sting of ordinary…nothing more
But I love dishwater hands and brooms that dance
And shiny sparkling halls
I love baking bread and making beds or peanut-butter balls
I love the life
Of a contented housewife
A child upon my lap
The music of clean clothes on the line
As they flounce and flap
The rind of judgment makes me smile
I feel no animosity
I think I’ll wander outside for a while
With a book and a cup of tea

© Janet Martin


  1. First let me say Janet, that I love your new blog. The old format often scrolled slowly for me, and it was sometimes difficult to leave comments. This is fantastic. Now...on to the poem.

    That you turned housewivery (sp?) into a celebration is nothing short of miraculous. LOL This is beautiful. I love the repeated "I love...." This made me feel darn good this morning. Thanks. My favorite is "brooms that dance." Mine does. :)

  2. Thanks Brenda:) yes, there are a few more people that have mentioned that they could not load my blog so I tried to lighten it up:)I'm happy it worked for you...and YES! Here's to housewives all over the world!

  3. Second visit to the "Porch" today... I shoulda brought a couple of Tim's and some bits! Lady, I'm blessed to have been exposed to your work all over the place, and you never disappoint! Good work, Janet!

  4. I concur with Brenda and Walt! While I still have to fold 'em, I had my wash on the line this morning... The kitchen sink on the other hand...

    I liked your use of 'Peanut butter balls!' Got to play with my grandbaby today... Those hugs are just soooo sweet! Enjoy that book and your tea - Ice tea today :)

  5. This poem makes sad for all the woman who want to stay home and raise their kids.
    Great poem too,

  6. Cathy, your comment tells me what a beautiful person you are! I cherish being home now more than ever because it has NEVER been as challenging financially than the stage we are in...and sometimes I talk about going out to work and the Lord is still providing so I am still home. My heart goes out to EVERY Mom whose body is at work and whose heart is at home!


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