Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Of All We Full Well Know...

Full well we know we cannot see
Beyond our toil and trouble
Full well we know eternity
Will claim life’s fleeting bubble

Full well we know tis but one life
Allotted to each man
Full well we know we aught to give
The best of what we can

Full well we know these days of grass
Fall swiftly to oblivion
And soon eternities will pass
One moment as a million

Full well we know His way is Peace
His grace has paid our debt
And though full well we know all this
How sadly we forget

Full well we know Time is a glance
Full well we realize
We cannot fathom timelessness
Above life’s little skies

Full well we know we do not know
The ways of Providence
Yet, by the mercies He bestows
His gifts are evidence

…of Love and Joy and Hope and Peace
To comfort us below
In all of life uncertainties
For all we do not know

© Janet Martin

Poetic Bloomings Prompt: Uncertainties


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