Monday, July 9, 2012

Of Ticks and Tocks

It ticks away
April then May
Fair June, dashing July

I cannot thwart
Its cool cavort
Into the by and by

It ticks away
Silent sashay
Moment to memory

Only God knows
How far time flows
Until eternity

© Janet Martin

Yesterday I laid in the backyard for a long time with a book and a camera...the sky was a constant slide-show of texture and change...and that's how and where the summer goes. I determine to slow the rush, absorb the hush of sunshine sultry-sweet...too soon the clutch of Autumn's touch will dull its rippling heat!


  1. Beautiful photo of the summer sky :) I am reading a "new" book, for me anyway ~ copyrighted 1936, by Kathleen Norris, "Bread into Roses." Found it for 50 cents at an antique store the other day :) I must say, the week we had of intense heat and limited electricity was the slowest week I've experienced in a long time... hope you're enjoying every moment of your favorite season :)

  2. Of ticks and tocks one can't knock this.

    Your comments after the formal poem is a poem in itself. :)

  3. Thank-you TUG and Megan...your comments always cheer and encourage.


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