Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Of Seeds and Such...

They fall along the wayside
A subtle scattered seed
As thought becomes an action
And action becomes deed

With studious regarding
We should tend the field
Where first the seed is starting
Before it bears its yield

For soon along the wayside
The seed begins to grow
And soon our hidden thought-life
Observant eyes will know

They fall along the wayside
A subtle scattered seed
With diligent discernment
Its ilk we ought to heed

© Janet Martin


  1. Beautiful gardens!!!

    Those little seeds are, to me, like tiny weeds... if you think they're too tiny to do any damage and don't remove them, you'll realize one day they've taken over your beautiful flowers!

  2. Megan so true...nothing remain a 'little seed'.

    on the home-front...Jim came home tonight!

  3. We definitely need to tend those seeds when they are young. If we wait until they are mature, it might be too late to influence their growth.


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