Tuesday, July 17, 2012

In Time We See

In time we see
The author of Ecclesiastes
Is right
There is nothing new under the sun
All is day
All is night
What man contrives with gifted breath
For his allotted hours
Is nothing more than life to death
Beneath temporal bowers
We would be wise to honor then
This sagacious advice
To remember the Creator when
Evil has not enticed
The heart from God to lusts of men
And foolish sacrifice
We will bow before God to explain
Our loves and lusts to Him
Repentance then will be in vain
As we recall what could have been
More important than this wise truth
To remember our Creator
In the days of our youth…

Janet Martin


  1. Love this Janet! Ecclesiastes challenges us to think deeply about finding purpose in life, and enjoying all the gifts and joy God has given us under the sun! :)

    Blessings sister!

  2. Yes Denise. It is a book we all should re-read from time to time to remind us of this!

  3. Ecclesiastes is one of my favorite books, - it almost seems contemporary, as the tone is almost nihilistic. Great poem, Mosk


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