Monday, July 9, 2012

Of Certainties...

There is one Certainty that keeps uncertainties in check
We know not what a night or day will bring
For life’s uncertainties seem never to reside or rest
So to this One sure Certainty I cling

Though famine, flood, worry or woe plagues this frail, earthen sphere
Thrusting uncertainty across life’s road
And though the things we love soon change, decay or disappear
One Certainty remains to under goad

Nothing can separate us from His everlasting love
As we lift our uncertainties to Him
His promise leaps from vaults beneath and crowns the heavens above
It whispers in the hour growing dim

No height or depth, no life or death can separate mankind
From His great love affirmed within His Word
Uncertainties may twist and turn; a dark, demonic wind
But Certainty abides in Christ the Lord  

© Janet Martin

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