Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Preeminent Farewell

There’s a key change in the wind today
It drops from a lilt to a sigh
It clings to the tendrils of wild morning-glory
In the preeminence of good-bye

Tomorrow perhaps it may cart-wheel or amble
Nonchalantly over high-noon
Today it lingers; fingering the tassels
Of July; leaving way too soon

Long we a-wait the coveted candor
Of mid-summer’s languid kin-ship
Somewhere within its mellow meandering
Over Time’s fringes it slips

There is a key change in the late afternoon
It trickles from lintels of musk
Pooling in mouths of day-lily blooms
Then disappearing into the dusk…

Solemn, the orchestra of cricket-song
Ushers her over a floor
Of stubble and clover; while we are asleep
July suddenly is no more…

© Janet Martin

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