Monday, July 30, 2012

Rock of Ages

What pierces the darkness?
What banishes doubt?
What leaves the soul deeply stirred?
What feeds our hunger
And soothes our grief?
Only one thing; God’s Word

What reassures us
As hope slips away?
What keeps our will undeterred?
What heals our sorrow
And quenches our thirst?
Only one thing: God’s Word

What is sure; changeless
In this world of change
Where the lines of virtue are blurred?
What remains steadfast
In spite of the age
Only one thing: God’s Word

What comforts the lonely
What strengthens the weak?
What never grows old, though oft heard?
What can we trust in
Without dismay?
Only one thing; God’s Word

© Janet Martin

Yesterday morning an elderly man shared how is SO thankful that God’s Word is a sure, steadfast, changeless Rock of Ages in every season of life…His wife recently suffered a stroke changing their lives immensely, and this man’s faith shone in the conviction and humility of his words.

Please pray for Mel and Irene if you read this. I’m sure they would appreciate it.

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