Sunday, July 29, 2012

Who Do You Think You Are, Janet Ruth Martin? accrostic poem

Poetic Bloomings Prompt; Who Do You Think You Are?


This week Marie and I ask you to write the poem as an acrostic, using your full name as the subject. The title of your poem should be “WHO DO YOU THINK YOU ARE, (Your Name Here)?”
Your poem should touch on your life, or some aspect of it until now. Remember, the focus is you! Tell us. Who do you think you are?

Just a simple girl, daughter, sister, mother, wife
Amazed every day at God’s gifts in my life
Night-owl when seduced by a word or a thought
Educated? By the world’s standards I’m not
That’s me

Rolling pin collector, lover of rhyme
Under the tutelage of a teacher called Time
Thinker, often quiet with sudden bits of crazy
Homebody; my favorite wild-bloom is a daisy

Mother and wife; I’m humbled and awed
And I would run scared, but for the patience of God
Rover of woodland and nature’s perfection
Thankful for moments of tender reflection
Incredibly blessed; undeservedly so
Normal? Nerd?  Nut?  Maybe, but by the grace of God I go…

© Janet Martin


  1. Very nice self portrait, Janet. Not easy to do using an acrostic.

  2. Hi Mary, thank-you:)

    I hope you are having a nice summer. It is FLYING by!


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