Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Beautiful Blanket of July

Beautiful blanket of July
Sunflower, lily and butter-fly
Queen Ann’s lace in the wild hedge-row
Wheat fields rippling with golden flow

Beautiful blanket of July
Quilt beneath an azure sky
Locust and cricket serenade
Sweet-tea on throws of dappled shade

Beautiful blanket of July
Sultry minuet sparkling by
Of bare toes skimming clover-mead
Of fair rose dripping petals, red

Beautiful blanket of July
Heavenly splendor pleases the eye
Summer perfection pinned to the sky
Oh, beautiful blanket of July

© Janet Martin


  1. Oh Janet...I love this. And I love the quilt. Beautiful. Can I share this?

  2. Are these all your photographs? Wow!

  3. Yes, I was 'trigger' happy on Sunday as I laid in the back yard...and a few are taken out in the fields.

    Share anything you like!

    Thank-you for your visit and your encouraging words. See you soon.


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