Thursday, July 19, 2012

Of Little Everythings

Of ruby lips and fingertips
Alight with eagerness
Of freckle-noses
Contentment’s sweet caress
Of garden walks
Of balled-up socks
Of laundry-laden lines
Of teaching, reaching
From learning’s ageless vines
A wandering, pondering
Through living’s bitter-sweet
And knowing grace
Bestows its trace
In wild-blooms at our feet
Of forgiveness
And gentleness
Of simple-threaded bliss
Of realizing
Heaven’s glimpse
Is surely, purely this…
Ruby child-lips
And fingertips
Alight with eagerness
A mother’s/parent’s joy
Wee girl and boy
Contentment’s sweet caress

© Janet Martin

Matt (our son) asked me last night if I ever do anything. Then he laughed and re-iterated, ‘Well I know you baby-sit and you clean, but do you ever do anything else?! I grinned a little and winked; “h-m-m-m,” I said, “I think I cook once in a while.” He laughed, pondering my response for a moment before going up-stairs to bed.
p.s. Today they were all home and it is much cooler so we walked to the bush for a picnic...It reminded me of when they really were 'wee'...sigh:)

What our children see as ‘nothings’ is a parent’s ‘everything’.


  1. Thank you for this, Janet, the happy pictures and touching poem.
    The golden fields, the forest - just like Russia :-) made me nostalgic.. And my kids are growing fast, too..and wondering every now and then if I ever really do something. Hmm...

  2. Thank-you Sasha, it is a beautiful time of year here...and the only way our kids will truly understand how completely full seemingly nothings are is if they are blessed to be a parent someday.
    I always appreciate your thoughts. Moms have so much in common,don't we?

  3. Thank-you Lucy, It was a slow-paced working standards some would say nothing got done...I disagree. Sometimes we need a day to simply be!

  4. Forgot to say that I LOVE those collage photo displays you make! Have no idea how you do it..(you don't have to tell, let it remain your know how) :-)

  5. I really don't mind sharing. It is so easy and so much fun! If you use picasa to store your photos it as as simple as making a folder of the pictures you choose for your collage, click 'make collage' icon at the top of the folder in your folder library (the place where all your photo-folders are stored!

  6. The weaver of words, weaves so quietly her children her children never know. Someday they will know all you do. Just by being you. (linked over from your your "Echoes and Endings poem in November of 2012.)

  7. Teri, you will never know how kind and timely your words are:)



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