Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Wordless Epiphany

If bird could put in word
The melody that paints the dawn
And spills from wooded columns of the earth
T’would awe the mortal passer-by
To hear its message known
As they pour out the fullness of their worth

The poet with its little pen
Would realize at last
That there will ever be elusive thoughts
Even a sparrow understands
His mission is to pass
From mouth to men what its Master allots

And neither does the dull-clad throng
Seal up its melody
To envy the devotion of the lark
Oh list, the myriad of song
That sets the midnight free
And tunes the morning while it yet is dark

If bird could put in word
The praise that surges from its beak
T’would be a glorious epiphany
Of worship in its purest form
Not by the words we speak
But unbounded thanksgiving flowing free

© Janet Martin

The dawn was full of bird-song…
From crow to lark!


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