Tuesday, July 31, 2012

July's Departure

I beg you to hold me in your azure gaze
Dance to a warm willow-vesper
Nurture my mind with abandonment’s blaze
Sweeten my mouth with your whisper

Cradle me where you will seal my last kiss
Gather me in your brawny hunger
Torture me tenderly in your farewell bliss
Tarry until I am younger

You know that I will not shackle the gate
I know that you must be leaving
Passion and sorrow; love’s juxtaposed weight
Entwine in bittersweet grieving

I beg you to hold me, sweet azure July
But moments do not pause or linger
Caught in a vortex of half-breaths, a sigh
You vanish on my outstretched fingers…

© Janet Martin


  1. Another delicious, rich poem, thank you, Janet.
    It is so sad July's gone. August is beautiful, but I somehow feel that summer's ended. Now I wouldn't even mind the heat, I wish summer lasted longer.

  2. Tarry until I am younger...lovely.
    I don't want the summer to be halfway over.....

  3. Sasha, I SO know what you mean...I guess maybe we're bracing ourselves for the dance of August's hurried feet:)

  4. Lucy, I just looked back to what I wrote a year ago and laughed; I think I have a seasonal disorder:)I can't believe it either.


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