Sunday, July 22, 2012

Empty and Cold

Poetic Bloomings Prompt: Betrayed!

Tonight you are a cantankerous rapscallion
Elusively haunting the fringe of my thought
You seem to delight in playing the villain
Antagonizing me by your formless naught

Last night a soul-mate, tonight you betray me
Vexing, perplexing aloofness of thine
Come darling, come and lay down against me
Feed me the choicest delights from your vine

I must learn not to trust you; but I am your victim
Ever returning to gobble your crumbs
Always forgiving your mindless betrayal
I’ll drink the wine from your vine till I’m numb

Muse, oh Muse,  crass tormentor of poets
What is this lure, this endowment you hold?
Last night we danced, making beautiful poems
Tonight the dance-floor is empty and cold

© Janet Martin


  1. Good grief. I am no poet but I understood this wholeheartedly and my soul screams agreement. Even when you have naught on your lips your soul breathes such glorious words, Janet. Simply haunting...Thank you, my friend.

  2. Thank-you Glynis, I'll hopefully feel more inspired when I begin feeling like myself again. As far as I can tall I had a major allergic reaction to something. If it doesn't clear up soon I'll need to call the Dr.

  3. Oh that muse, at least you can write just as brilliantly without him/her/it. :)


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