Wednesday, July 18, 2012

I Miss You Tonight

When the tall blue shadow
Of summer’s twilight
Sprawls 'neath the scrim of July’s lengthened day
And when it is swallowed
By misty-blue midnight
As history absorbs its ephemeral prey
When the dark like an ocean
Sweeps over the garden
Over the hills and the woodlot and dells
I hear the whisper
Of days unforgotten
Oh, how the echo of retrospect swells
And I miss you

When miles flaunt their far-ness
And memories their mercy
When I am torn by the powerful grip
Of longing and loving
Of wanting and waiting
And hating the moments that silently slip
Between farewell kisses
And last parting wishes
Between the cooling of lips on my cheek
I hold you close
Where nothing comes between us
Save for the tears as they silently speak
And I miss you

Below the dark edge of
The Far East horizon
Hovers the sun if the Lord wills its climb
Yonder the west
Waits to drink its returning
This is the force of intangible Time
As it swells in my being
In its giving and taking
A moment by moment discoursing of grace
I feel you near me
For love’s quiet Knowing
Wraps me in the beauty of memory’s embrace
But oh, I miss you

© Janet Martin~

It can be people, places, moments...
These are the things we miss in the beauty of memory's embrace~

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