Friday, November 20, 2020


PAD Challenge day 20;For today’s prompt, write a target poem.  

I hope it is an ocean's roar...

When I pull back the bowstring to 
Release love’s poem-dart 
My eye is firmly fixed on you 
My target is your heart 

Though miles may separate, dear friend 
We are not far apart 
If ink can find a way to wend 
My whisper through your heart 

A poem is always far more 
Than first glance may impart 
I hope it is an ocean’s roar 
That rushes through your heart 

I hope it is a smile, a kiss 
A little wish come true 
Because in every poem is 
Part of my heart for you 

I want, when ink has set its seal 
More than iambic art 
I want its font to touch, nay, steal 
A small piece of your heart 

© Janet Martin

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