Monday, November 23, 2020

Does His Name, the Name of Jesus...

It's not too early, is it...
to turn our eyes toward Bethlehem?

Behold Him (Official Lyric Video) - Paul Baloche ft. Kim Walker-Smith


Immanuel (From The Squalor of a Borrowed Stable)

Does His name, the name of Jesus stir a love song in Thy soul 
Does He melt the mountain-shadows from landscapes beyond control 
Does He thrill and fill with wonder the eternal child within 
Does He satisfy heart-hunger when we fix our gaze on Him? 

Does His Name, the name of Jesus calm the waves of doubt and fear 
Do You feel Him right beside you in the trench of Now and Here 
When the darkness starts to thicken and threatens to snuff hope’s flame 
Tell me then, does your pulse quicken at the mention of his Name 

Does His name, the name of Jesus draw you back to Bethlehem 
Have you peered into the manger like the shepherds way back when 
Have you followed with the masses through the streets, or climbed a tree 
Have you knelt and wept with sorrow at the cross of Calvary? 

Does His name, the name of Jesus take you to an empty tomb 
Where a Rock would never deter or detain Heaven’s Bridegroom 
Does His name, the name of Jesus as trouble and strife increase 
Fill thy vessel in the tempest with an everlasting peace 

© Janet Martin 

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