Monday, November 2, 2020

Peek Into Poetic Passion (part two)


Peek into Poetic Passion (part two) 
This poem in reply to justified queries; 
How many poems (about August or Autumn) can one write?!

Just like the painter's tray...

Holds pictures to no end...

Just like the Painter’s Tray 
Holds pictures to no end 
The palette of the alphabet 
Is the poet’s best friend 

So many ways to spill 
Quill-colour into art 
Ten-thousand sheets cannot deplete 
The spectrum of the heart 

Thus seasons cannot drain 
Where all of life is running rife 
With unpenned poetry 

Modern-day pioneers 
And trail-blazers of Time 
The poet’s Must kicks up star-dust 
On stilts of lilt and rhyme 

Thank God, He made no end 
To the extent of ways 
The poet’s heart can unearth art 
From ordinary days 

Thank God, so good and kind
He authors dawn, unscathed
Like a fresh page beneath the wage
Of scribbles, mercy-bathed
As long as earth remains 
Seedtime and harvest burst 
Through daybreak’s door with seas that pour 
To unrequited Thirst 

And nothing short of death 
Can quell the poet’s charge 
To softly snare from lofts of air 
Poetry, still at large 

© Janet Martin 

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