Sunday, November 22, 2020

From Time's Tailor...

November's late-day hues are hard to top!
When Victoria and I saw these colours unfolding
yesterday afternoon
we dropped what we were doing to drench ourselves in
November's Masterpiece

Last leaves vacate the lofty limb 
Branches like black embroidery 
Are etched upon dusk’s flaming scrim 
Of pink fading to ebony 
Where autumn’s awesome oriflamme 
Dwindles until it is no more 
Save flecks upon the sprawling calm 
Of November’s stark corridor 

November’s barren beauty sparks 
A reverential spectacle 
Thought, like a wanderer embarks 
On excursions, ephemeral 
Thankfulness is joy’s saving grace 
As seasons skim and sweep and glance 
Through have-and-hold’s futile embrace 
Leaving only echo-Rembrandts 

The undertow of season-strains 
No mortal means can overthrow 
The One who is supreme sustains 
The framework of Soul-sacred throe 
Nature showcases Deity 
His flawless handiwork imbues
November with Tranquility 
Captured in brooding, burnished hues

Earth nestles 'neath November's arch
Lowering trestles dark with snow
Thought wrestles with the steady march
Of moments as they come and go
Where sum of Season's aftermath
Is more than fabric tossed afar
God cuts the pattern of time's path
And grafts it to Right Where We Are

© Janet Martin 



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