Monday, November 23, 2020

Mayah Strofflah All (translated We All Struggle...)

The song below I could understand some of the words but not all;
I think the German words might be low German
but the song is good for a chuckle!

...and below, a few I do understand😆

btw, I had Latwarickbrot for breakfast! (apple-buttered bread😅)

Ruben's James (an English song)

my personal fav by John Schmid is the link below

Now a poem in my my 'mother-tongue/mudda tsoong...

click Pennsylvania Dutch label below for previous posts in PD
(spelling by ear only😄)

Mayah strofflah oll mitt du Auld Shvatz 
Ach ya, ma fallah awl feel kotz 
Mayah hen awl schvacheit an shoolt 
Un felleitah all ebmulz getuldt 

Maya brouccha all de leiblich Gott 
Sis neemond es ken Gebrach hott 
Mahay sin all feil druvel-fulade 
Oony Gott, du letz vage gudrade 

Feelsht du fullusah un fudrade 
Saug mich, von husht doo lecht gubade? 
Bisht du uft gonz fulade un baung? 
Von husht du letcht gubade…un vee laung? 

Dee veld is uft net friendlich, nay 
So leibe un leibe un leibe noch mae 
Vile mayah strofflah oll mitt du auld Shvatz 
Un fallah uft un blenty kotz 

© Janet Martin 

(loosely, best as I could, translation) 

We all struggle with Old Black (aka devil) 
Oh yes, we all often fall short 
We all have weakness and blame/fault/guilt 
And all sometimes lose patience 

We all need loving God 
There is no one who has no need 
We are all trouble-burdened 
Without God, turned the wrong way 

Do you feel lonely and grumpy? 
Tell me, when have you last prayed? 
Are you often depressed and afraid? 
When have you last prayed…and for how long? 

This world is often not friendly, no 
So love and love and love some more 
Because we all struggle with Old Black 
And all fall often and plenty short
Janet Martin

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