Thursday, June 18, 2015

Lessons, Love...and Thriftstore Finds:)

God grants approval; dark fades into bloom
Dawn is a whisper unfolding the sky
Into a flower that fills heaven’s room
And spills from fathoms eye cannot descry

Morn is newborn, oh, but not so for long
Hello and heave-ho drift up to the stars
And disappear where a sheer ancient gong
Kisses upturned face with laugh-lined scars

Life is a tug-of-heart 'meet-part free-fall' 
Extolling lessons in strange age-old ways
(When it comes to love we are scholars all)
Learning the art of its lingering gaze

…where God grants approval and fills time’s classroom
With unmarred sheaf; we don its silk glove
And wince as thorn of its rose pierces through
Just like the fierce complexities of love

© Janet Martin the middle of an early morning post my daughter e-mailed me saying she would be at her pick-up point in 20 min. (30 min. away) so I dropped everything. We are home again (almost noon)after a tourist-y morning of thrift-store shopping and coffee-sipping:).  

Here a a few favorite finds...

green magazine rack and the brown-handled crockery rolling pin to (for my collection)
black and white framed prints and feather quill-pen

wooden box...and below, a green chair from a few days ago(displaying previous thrift-store finds;)

 ....then the best way to find 'treasures'; at the end of driveways marked...

don't worry...this one is not intended for riding! I fastened the wheel with string and am mulling over its possibilities...stay tuned.


  1. I love old magazine racks. All homes used to have them. You have a nice rolling pin collection, love the green handled one, that old "kitchen green" that it's hard to match now. And the black and white prints are great!

    But those pictures of the morning sky, you don't see one like that everyday. Lovely! And a day spent with a daughter, as the commercial says, "priceless."

    1. thank-you Dewena,
      Yes, the sky was definitely the 'topper' and free to all. The day with my daughter was all the more priceless because our 'outing' was an off-the-cuff 'why not?':)

      it's back to work today!!

  2. Replies
    1. those 'finds' (not the daughter;) are rearranging my whole house, it seems!!!! or maybe it was painting the desk from bathroom to livingroom to Tor's room.Blue desk to livingroom. Cream dresser to bathroom from Tor's room. Blue dresser from entry to Tor's room and the sage green one to the entry...


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