Monday, June 1, 2015

Through Jesus Christ

(We sang this song and it was a glimpse of Heaven)

We gathered from different cultures, countries, customs and languages united in the One word we understood; Jesus. Oh, what a glorious worship time we had yesterday with fellow-believers from Iran, Turkey, and other various countries they moved through before arriving in Canada, some only very recently!
When we sang it felt like the roof  dissolved and heaven came was Awesome!

Though mortal mercy fails
And human need despairs
Look, look, for grace, a boundless grail 
Pours through the sinner's prayers

Then let our spirits soar
And let our praises ring
Through Jesus Christ,we find the More
For our hungering

Salvation's enemy
Employs its emptiness
Look, look, One satisfies our plea
With holy happiness

Let all His Name applaud
Sin's debt has been repealed
Through Jesus Christ, the Son of God
Earth's nations can be healed

Though pious sacrament
To idols are inept
Look, look upon the Testament
Of every promise kept

...and let our song proclaim
The righteousness we craved
Through Jesus Christ, the only Name
Whereby we can be saved

Janet Martin

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