Wednesday, June 17, 2015

On Rehearsing Farewell

I taste the word slowly
Like the long last tolling of a bell
For it seems I am unready
To say farewell

I touch the word softly
Swift through the heart seasons fell
Leading to the unrehearsed sorrow
Of fond farewell

I test the word bravely
Stunned by how two syllables
Can stir a lifetime of memories

© Janet Martin

Someone asked me today if I'm sad because this is my last school  picnic. 
(Victoria, our youngest daughter graduates Gr.8 next week and we will bid farewell to the school-family that has been part of our lives for 18 years!)
While I have always known this is the natural order of things, the 'best wishes' that began today caught me off-guard as I began to realize how much-loved these teachers are and how much-missed they will be!

This song above has been going around in my head as I painted the bathroom this evening.

 (the plumber came in to change taps on an old pedestal sink that has been here as long as the house so he had to remove the sink from the wall to install the taps which resulted in a wall needing a bit of repair which resulted in the wall needing paint which resulted in an unexpected chore this evening;)

I was going to post a few pics but the internet is too slow...if it doesn't change I might need to quit blogging. It is a severe test of patience to post...


  1. Touching poem. That is certainly a long time in one school. Isn't farewell a beautiful word though?
    Sounds like you had an interesting day. Did you repaint the whole bathroom??
    Sorry about the internet:(

  2. I can understand your sentiment Janet, although it's been years since our last child left the local school. I was telling a friend the other day that I don't even know the teachers there now, let alone the children, in our rural school. Time marches on. I'm sorry for your internet issues. We have high speed here but it's not fast enough for me. When hubby's home and has one or 2 computers running it's even slower! I hope you have a beautiful day.

    1. Lucy and Pamela, thank-you for your sympathies:) Rural high-speed is a luxury! seems right now a morning-luxury. It slows as the day goes on, so we will work and blog as it allows.

      Yes, i painted the whole bathroom, moved the old red desk into it for a new look, then this morning after shopping and finding really cool desk-stuff I'm thinking of putting the desk back to its original spot...a-r-r-g-h-! the fun of eclectic furnishing. (I LOVE it;-)

    2. ...and Pamela, I sort of know what you mean already; there are so many new and younger families in this school that I have never met. The teachers are familiar retiring after 34 years! They love this school and many have been there for years....but so true, time marches on! One mom reminded 'an end of one thing is simply the beginning of another!'


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