Monday, June 8, 2015

Beauty's Boast-less Bounty

 Earth's sequined splendor stuns the beholder today! It is worth the drenching to 'taste and see...'

From the front-rows of creation
From the vaults of sky-sea-sod
Come and join the celebration
In the handiwork of God

From the friendships shaped in flowers
From the song of sea to sky
Come and witness bounty’s bowers
Spilling from a Hand on high

From the tongues of earth confessing
Beauty's boast-less testament
Come and count from founts of blessing
Miracles God's mercy lent

From the troubadours of nature
From the poets not of pen
Come, give due to the Creator
All the glory His, Amen

© Janet Martin

Working with extremely sporadic internet connection these days...sorry!

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