Friday, June 19, 2015

The Love of June

(really wet then quick cold to hot is making for a brief peony season;( so we enjoy now as much as we can!)

Here is my weekly wikem on June:
June is the month with the longest daylight hours of the year. Wikipedia

If lent the chance my feet would dance across Her flowered dress
Without a break for slumber; unencumbered by Due’s call
Where she has spread above our heads a great celestial ball
And planted earth in gardens spilling rainbow happiness

If nature had a law that could be bent it would be June
We would extend the hours of Her stay and stretch the place
That seems to tease and put at ease the care-worn human face
Kissing us with appointments beneath arc of willow-tune

Even the critic is hard pressed to pinpoint valid flaws
She tilts his chin to marvel at the colors of her smile
And fills the fields with daisies; clover-hazy lanes beguile
The most industrious of creatures to relent and pause…

…to taste the haste of honeyed-noon dripping from heaven’s spoon
To drink the pink of peony and ponder as we stroll
The bud and how it holds within its folds a perfect soul
And proof of our ineptness to improve the love of June

© Janet Martin


  1. " it holds within its folds a perfect soul..."

    such a tender image.

    Your garden is so beautiful, Janet. I planted four peonies last autumn, one already flowered this spring, made me very happy. The other three, I'm afraid, might take a couple more years to start flowering :-( I have a loong way to go with my garden...

    1. I have some of these plants thanks to my dear grandma....she started the perennial garden when they lived here a long time ago...that's the great thing about gardening; always something to look forward to! these blooms are truly worth the wait!

  2. 'To drink the pink of peony, and ponder as we stroll'

    Perfectly said, Janet! Your poem is pure joy and freshness and a feast for the soul, all inspired by the pretty, frilly peony, and the precious month of June.

    Happy first day of summer, tomorrow!


    1. thank-you Poppy. same to you! I've been so busy lately that the fact that tomorrow is the longest day and the first official day of summer had not yet crossed my mind! I'm glad you reminded me:)


  3. Such a freshness and delightful lightness in hour poem! June is the peak where flowers blossom and the light surely is wonderful!


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