Saturday, March 24, 2012

Why Rolling-pins?

(this photo contains my smallest rolling pin and a few that I wish could talk;)

Why rolling pins?
They ask me,
intrigued as they count all 120 plus...
I smile and tell them
Well, because someday someone will ask
'Remember so-and-so's mom?'
and you will say 'no'
but then they will say,
'you know, the lady with all the rolling pins?'
and then you will laugh and say
oh! yes, I do!'

Why rolling pins?
I'm not sure,
 but there's something
solid and simple about them,
like me,
my values...
I like the images they conjure,
fresh pie
hungry, eager children.
I look at the old battered one
and wish it could talk.
Did a loving young man carve it for his bride?
Did it ride a covered wagon
fiord streams,
finally to end up
in their first home in Canada?
Did it quietly perform,
helping a weary housewife rid herself of frustrations
she would never speak?
Did it get wielded overhead
as erring children fled,
or the dog with his nose in the stew?

I like the feel of a rolling pin in my hand.
Wooden dependability and
calming, in its back and forth motion
as I roll the pastry,


...and Laurie K.
on my other rolling pin post you asked if this means I like to bake...
I do:)
on some days:)


  1. Yes, I am sure you will be remembered by all who know you as the lady with the rolling pins. (There are worse things, right?) It is interesting to think that each rolling pin has a a history that you will never know. Each rolling pin was created for a purpose (as we are) out of love (as are we). You are WAAAAY too young now, but you really should make sure that this collection goes to a museum or historical society at some time. I do wonder about that small rolling pin. Perhaps a father made it for his daughter so that the daughter could roll dough alongside her mother. I am so irritated with myself right now as I know at some point I just threw my mother's rolling pin away. Sigh. I myself do not own one!! I love this post.

  2. I love the way antiques and time-worn pieces make you wonder about their story... and wonder how it is they came to be in your hands.

    My mom uses my grandmother's rolling pin, although she's got a new one, and although I got a new one when I was married, I use a vintage one found in a thrift store... the ones with some age just feel better :)

    P.S. ~ Thanks for another look at your collection :)

  3. Mary and Megan...thank-you for your visit and thoughts:) I suppose my collection might get donated somewhere someday...but not yet:)

    Mary, there are so many things that could tell wonderful tales if only...but that is where our imagination may travel wild right?
    ...a prompt idea, perhaps?:)

    Megan, I am so cross that I did not get my grandma's rolling pin. I didn't appreciate her or her things nearly enough when she had an auction sale. We live and learn....I found out that there are a few more rolling pin collector's so I hope I answered their questions in this post!

    Thank-you both again for your visit and words.


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