Tuesday, June 16, 2015

If Thought Had No Worry and Heart Had No Care...

After a very dry beginning to spring, the end of May until now have been sopping! Gardens and fields are ponds and lakes...

If thought had no worry
And heart had no care
And only light laughter
Would waft on the air
Then tell me. My precious
If ease filled life’s trove
How would we recognize
Hope, joy and love?
If thought had no worry
And heart had no care
Tell me, would we still be
Faithful in our prayer?

© Janet Martin
'Dear me, how happy and good we'd be if we had no worries', said Meg from Little Women


  1. You've engendered such happy memories of mucking about in red-toed rubber boots, sailing little homemade what-you-got boats on puddles so seemingly vast we called ponds!

    1. Your comment is its own poem:) thank-you!

      I forgot about those red-toed rubber boots! Now the boots they sell are rainbow-colored fashion-statements yet not half as darling as the the red and black!

  2. Beautiful, (I hope your garden dries up!!)


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